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Huh! I just got a package from a friend's mother containing a book I lent my friend so long ago I'd forgotten I even owned it. Her mother was moving house when she found it: Stalky & Co, an old copy published in 1929 that I must have bought at a second-hand book fair. It's time to reread it. :-)

In other news, I am sitting here in a pleasantly cool room at 23C due to having spent some of my recent earnings on a portable air conditioner because it's been so hot lately. It's not very portable in this four-level house, since this room is the only one on this level but it's effective if rather loud. It comes up to my waist and has a huge outlet hose that looks like an alien snake with its head poked curiously out the ranch slider. Jasmin sometimes sits outside on the deck and lets the warm air ruffle her fur.

And it's going to be a long, hot summer. The pohutukawa flowers (see icon) have been out for a while now.

We also have a Kinect which Greg bought as soon as it was available here, several weeks ago. The only game we have so far is Kinectimals in which you play with cubs (lion, tiger, cheetah, leopard, panther etc). OK, so it's designed for kids, but it's so much fun, really cute, and gives a surprisingly good workout. After some time it tells you to have a break, and I'm usually ready for one.

What else? My contract finished a week early because the person I was replacing came back earlier than expected, but I have another short one starting tomorrow. At a local bagel manufacturer. :-)

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