Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Three cats

I haven't posted any cat photos for a while, so it's time for some picspam. These have been taken over the last three months.

Photos of all three

Tunnel games. Jasmin's about to do what we call "U-boat Commander: stick her head out the hole. The tube there is the outside of a cable which was been beloved by two sets of cats now. They love to chase it, especially into the tunnel. Ashley adores tunnel games. She'll go and sit by the tunnel and give us hopeful looks and squeaks. I have to indulge her several times a day.

Ashley in the tunnel. She looks as if she's praying or saying "Namaste". :-)

Jasmin watching a bird.

Ashley showing off her striped paws

Ashley asleep by the plush tiger. At last, I have a photo of them together to match Jasmin and the plush lion!

We can too still fit in one snuggler!

Three cats in one shot!

Vic sleeping on a weekend supplement. He loves being on paper (see icon).

A ball of Ashley on the couch beside Vic

Agapanthus (and Greg's car). I show you these because of the next photo.

Vic in the agapanthus. We've often seen him emerging from them and finally had a look. He's made a smooth little bed in there. :-) To get this photo, Greg had to hold the leaves aside so I could see him.

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