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Bad and good car news, plus assorted Ashleyness

Last week Greg's car was damaged so badly it was written off. The driver in front of him braked suddenly because the car in front of her did. Greg braked too and stopped in time... but the driver behind him didn't. As it wasn't Greg's fault, the insurance paid out on the value of the car (not much as it was fairly old) and he's been going to work by bus since I need mine for the 50kms round trip to work. I think he actually went through a period of mourning for that car, he'd had it so long. It's odd how things with motors or some form of power often have personalities.

Yesterday we went to a Japanese import car yard and looked at some Hondas, and Greg bought the same model Integra as mine, but a year older, and in the same colour (the ubiquitous silver). So we'll have a matched pair in the carport. Pity we can't breed from them. I shall take photos. :-P

Anyway, because my car was very dusty from the commuting, I decided to wash it today so it won't look bad next to Greg's one when he picks it up on Tuesday. Ashley was absolutely fascinated. She sat in the driveway and watched intently the whole time. The LIBR8R looks extremely shiny now. I could see Ashley reflected in it.

In other Ashley news, she's known as the Dairy Queen because of her passion for yogurt. She knows when I'm getting it out of the fridge before I even have the container open, and the other day when I was eating a piece of lemon cake, she was all over me. I was puzzled till I remembered it was lemon yogurt cake. OK, that's impressive that she can detect an ingredient.

Oh yes, yesterday morning she was trying to get in the bedroom window from the sloping wet roof of the lower floor. She lost her purchase and slid down to the gutter, paws splayed out and green eyes fixed on us in sad surprise. I rushed downstairs and talked her along to the fence and she jumped down and chased Jasmin happily about the garden.

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