Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Good and bad things

I've had two days at my new contract.

Good: The people are very friendly and they have an espresso machine, plus my favourite brand of lemon and ginger tea.
Bad: The guy next to me has a very loud voice and just never shuts up. How does he get any work done, I ask myself?

Good: There's a mall nearby and a library just by the tennis courts.
Bad: Doesn't anyone write standalone SF novels any more? I browsed at lunchtime and finally found a book that looked really good and didn't have 'part n of the x series' on the cover (back or front). It did on the inside when I opened it to read during my break though. Grrr. Now I have to see if I can find the preceding two books as it looks good--a nice meaty hard SF read.

Good: The office is surrounded by trees and there's a big park on one side.
Bad: There are too few carparks so if you're not early enough, you have to park at the mall next door.
Bad: I parked at the mall next door and a little old lady backed into my car and stove in my so-called bumper.
Good: She left a note under my wiper and I rang her; she's very nice and extremely upset.
Bad: I have to get it fixed which means I have to find a panel-beater who'll give me a loan car because I can't get to work any other way.

Bad: I still haven't finished the story I'm writing for a fic party this weekend. It got plottier than I'd planned. I hope I have time to get the thing beta-read... [goes off to write more]

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