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Blake (413)

This is it, the infamous final episode of Blake's 7. So in one sense only, yay, this is the last review post, and the end of the rewatch. :-)

I know a lot of people revel in the pointless tragedy and celebrate the anniversary of the broadcast, but I cling to the fact that it was written as a cliff-hanger, and take pleasure in writing my version of the next unfilmed season. So there.

A cliff-hanger? Really?

  • Gareth Thomas had it written into his contract that Blake would be seen to die on screen and would not be brought back in any form.
  • Boucher said that he could have any of the Scorpio crew survive whose actors wanted to come back.
  • He also said that he filmed the scenes where they were shot in dream-like slow motion to give himself the option of interpreting them some other way.
Pity the series was never renewed, though Terry Nation said that if there were a season 5 or a spin-off series, Avon and Vila had to be in it. I'm sure both actors would have been up for it.

Some people love this episode. I am not among them despite it being intended as a cliff-hanger because I remember being very depressed after seeing it as a teenager, so much so that I almost didn't watch the reruns this century. Not the thing to show just before Christmas in the UK during a depression either; I've read about children writing letters asking why they killed their friends. :-( Also, the message we're left with since this turned out to be the last episode is that it's just not worth fighting evil and injustice. I refuse to accept this.

That all aside, this episode has a surprising amount of humour in it with a lot of darkly witty lines including one of my favourites:
SOOLIN: Surely you're not afraid of the dark.
VILA: Only when it's unilluminated.

This might be the favourite episode of many but there are still holes.
Where does Avon get his bloody great gun?
What is this about:
BLAKE I'll bear that in mind. [puts his gun back in his belt] [A card comes out of the computer. Deva reads it and hands it to Blake.]
DEVA Last known locations and probable movements for both subjects, and official authorization to hunt them.
We don't hear any more about that; maybe it was something that was going to be brought up in S5?
And what was Arlen going to tell Deva, and why was it significant enough to even mention?

The representative from the Federation High Council is probably Sleer, or is she actually on the High Council? Her absence is one of the good things about this ep; I'd hate to have had it rubbed in that evil triumphs.

How come Avon knows that's Blake's flyer?

OK, Blake tells Tarrant that Jenna is dead, but I don't really believe it. Blake was turned in by Dev Tarrant so I'd say he was ensuring Jenna was safe from someone with almost the same name.

Now that Avon knows that's Blake's base since Tarrant has just told him, why the hell does he shoot Klyn instead of saying who he is? (Yeah, the actor, his wife, wanted it but that's no excuse to confuse the plot further.) And why doesn't Blake tell his people to welcome the crew since he knows it's Avon and Orac at least? If Klyn had said something to them instead of calling security, things might have--only might have--been a bit different. I still don't think there's any excuse for Avon shooting unarmed Blake even if he believes Tarrant. After all Avon wasn't happy about Keiller shooting the doctor on the Space Princess so he hasn't been that ruthless before.

It's all a tangle of errors from start to finish and still depresses me.

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