Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Spring in Auckland

I posted this in show_me_a_world, and thought others might like to see as well.

It's spring here which might not be as obvious as on the other side of the planet because most of our trees are evergreen and don't lose their leaves. However I do have a couple of trees from Europe which have new leaves, and some very pretty spring flowers.

I'll start from the top of our drive where one of our three European trees (birches) is.

New leaves on the tree by the letterbox

Looking down the drive from the top to our house.

Close-up of the blossoms in the previous photo.

Closer to the house is another tree with blossoms, but they're paler.

Red camellias in our garden, The white ones are finished but the red ones *and pink ones at the bottom of the garden) are still budding and blooming.

Clivias. I love these clivias which I can see from one of the kitchen windows; they bloom for ages and are so cheerful.

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