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New telly

There is new telly!

Has someone on The Big Bang Theory been watching The IT Crowd because "Have you tried turning it off and on again"? Bwahahaha!

The Simpsons had Gemaine and Bret from Flight of the Conchords complete with songs and a Wellington Botanical Gardens failed joke. Plus gratuitous vuvuzelas. Cue more delighted laughter.

"Laughter" is however not a word associated with SGU, even though its sister series didn't lack humour or lightness of either the emotional or physical kind--yeah, you still can't see much on that multiply gloomy set. However I was glad to see that they got round a potential problem that had been worrying me.

Namely the baby. Because I was seriously not looking forward to a baby on a spaceship and one baby shower last season was already two too many. I figured that TJ being shot meant they'd write it out, and they did but rather inventively. I thought it was "all a dream" but no, it seems to have happened. It was good seeing that planet again, though I'm not too sure about such intervention by the godlike aliens as having TJ and presumably said baby being two places at once, and Chloe miraculously healed. Why Chloe? No one else seemed to come in for a spot of divine intervention.

Still not a program I like very much despite the presence of Eli and Rush, but I'll hang in there. I need at least some SF.

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