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Warlord (412)

This is a fairly typical season 4 episode: bleak and without hope. It's not even that entertaining unless you count Avon's underwear-less attire on Betafarl, and Zukan and Zeeona's hairstyles.

The inhabitants of Zondor seem a lot more drugged than the Helots. They at least knew what was going an and could conduct a conversation even if they didn't care much. Any doubt of the Federation's evilness is certainly dispelled here.

I wonder how long Tarrant and Avon were on Betafarl the first time. Tarrant and Zeeona must have spent a fair bit of time together to lure her to Xenon in pursuit of him.

Either Soolin is a romantic, or she's very pissed off at Zukan for not allowing his daughter any independence. I suspect the latter.

How does Betafarl have perpetual day? Does it orbit more than one sun? And how come Zukan misses the dark if he was born and raised there? I also wonder if Betafarlians are empaths since he and Zeeona seem to be connected and she senses his death.

And of course Servalan is involved. [rolls eyes] Her near-ubiquity is one of the many flaws of this season.

Zeeona is a biogenetic engineer so why does she remove her glove? There's also Avon who seems to know what's going to happen. It almost seems as if he knew that Zeeona would kill herself; maybe he knows that reversing the polarity process on the neutron bombarder couldn't be done with gloves on. That makes sense, and why he'd want her to go alone. Tarrant and Dayna are crazy to remove their helmets even if they think the air is fresh; isn't the virus radioactive?

Oh well. I suppose survival counts as winning in season 4. :-P

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