Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Somnolent in the sun

I suppose I should post something other than a B7 episode review (and I'm glad to say they're almost over).

Spring is definitely here; daylight saving came in last weekend and it seems to have made the weather buck up and be warm instead of stormy. I'm sitting here in the sun in a t-shirt.

What have I done lately? OK, I went to a second-hand book fair and though it wasn't anywhere near as good as other years, I managed to score a complete set of Aubrey and Maturin novels, yay! That was all, but I'm very pleased. We had dinner with alicambs and her partner on Sunday at the Casablanca, and though it took them almost two hours to get there because of an accident on the motorway, the food and conversation were excellent. And I signed up for the Ficathon Walks Into a Bar and got my assignment today. It's not as cracky as I'd hoped, but I've already got some of the conversation in my head.

I'm also considering running a B7 crackathon after remembering how much I enjoyed writing fics for one a few years ago. It has occurred to me, you see, that the reason I haven't written any of my outstanding fic ideas is that they're all fairly serious. I crave humour. The only thing though is that I'm not sure how many writers there are left in B7; there's not much point if there are only two or three of us. Who would be interested? It would be very informal. People would submit ideas, I'd list them, and they can pick one or more to write. The last one spawned my Genie Blake in a Bottle, the Liberator having a baby Lib, and Jenna Stannis PI (the last two connected).

And speaking of B7, I meant to write up an "in praise of" post for each of the rest of the crew to go with the Blake one but I've been slack. I've been reading Aubrey and Maturin. :-)

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