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Orbit (411)

Ah yes, the episode that inspired so many fics (with or without red fur) and gets at least a mention in most PGPs. It's very OTT (and OOC) but entertaining enough though it's a strange mix of humour, cruelty, and betrayal.

Vila still doesn't trust Tarrant. I wonder it they were still considering making him a double-agent. or whether at least parts of this script were written back when they did.

Come on, Avon, surely you didn't believe that a screen would instantly show what was happening 17 light-years away? That had to be a set-up. I doubt the tachyon funnel did anything.

Vila acts quite OOC here. There's when he offers to nail Egrorian's enemies to posts and send him the pictures, and later when he behaves like a complete idiot with Dayna and Soolin. He has to be being flippant with Egrorian, perhaps infected by Avon's strangely (and also OOC) playful, almost hyper mood, but the clowning about later pretending to know all about tachyons? That has to be a joke too because Vila really isn't that stupid or oblivious, but I don't know why he's acting the fool there. Sheer high spirits at this point? It still doesn't explain him suggesting to Avon that they break Egrorian and Pinder's necks and take the tachyon funnel. Where's our "I'm a thief, not a murderer"? At least he seems a bit concerned about Pinder. Robert Holmes usually writes Vila well (and as an intelligent person), but he's all over the place here.

And of course Servalan is behind the whole thing. [rolls eyes]

Egrorian seems to fancy Vila as a replacement "golden-haired stripling".

I do think Avon would have found and killed Vila eventually, even though he didn't want to. His odd voice betrays internal conflict and he does seem to be taking his time finding Vila, but I'd say he'd have done it if he hadn't stumbled across the neutron-star material.

I wonder if Pinder left it right where one of them would find it. I can believe it; Vila did show him some sympathy. As it is, he gets his revenge on Egrorian.

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