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Gold (410)

This isn't that bad for a season 4 episode though it lacks the usual B7 witty dialogue.

Even though the crew's plans fail yet again, it's a fairly entertaining story despite the lack of humour. Avon meets yet another "old friend", presumably from his criminal past. Roy Kinnear is fun in the role.

Vila is quite tough and menacing with Keiller when he thinks Avon and Soolin are dead. It's a side of hem we've hardly seen and I wonder if he'd have come out of his shell and even taken over to some extent if Avon really had been dead.

I'm surprised Soolin didn't notice the non-standard guns; that's her area of expertise after all. And come on, Avon, any connection with a previous President means Servalan yet again. [rolls eyes]

Vila doesn't revert to his usual S4 self even when Avon and Soolin are back, staying tough and hard and cynical. Maybe it's because this is his area of expertise even though he's chosen to take no part in it.

Zerok must have quite a population if the ship's now full of idle rich passengers from there. Haha, the "pyro sauna units" reach parts that other units don't. Something like the pleasure machines mentioned in "Horizon"?

And of course our guys lose and Servalan wins. Figures. That's S4 for you. [sigh]

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