Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Local weather and elections

It's a blustery and occasionally wet Sunday as a storm the size of Australia passes over, which means that it's not worth going out to Ardmore for the Battle of Britain air show, dammit. They have the Warbirds (vintage war planes) there and it would have been wonderful in decent weather. We wouldn't be able to see them with the rain and low clouds. :-(

Anyway. We have local elections on across the country and there's a Jedi standing in the Waitemata and Gulf ward. "He is encouraging voters to strike back against dull, traditional candidates and support his policies. These include light sabre-based progress, the formation of a Rebel Alliance against the political clone army and light-speed local infrastructure." :-D Pity it's not my ward or I'd vote for him, but the Orakei guy saying he will fight "council stupidity" among other things will probably get my vote.

A poll on Auckland's mayoral campaign has Bob Parker way out in front, and he's not even standing. He's the mayor of Christchurch who has been so impressive after the earthquake. Auckland would be his if he wanted it, which I doubt. :-)

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