Nico (vilakins) wrote,

New contract

My contract maintaining an electronic company's web site finished last Friday. I loved the work but I'm glad the commute--up to an hour each way--is over.

I was put up for a project management contract on Monday, but though they loved my CV and liked me (despite a harrowing interview with four people at once) and thought I'd fit in well, they decided I didn't know enough accounting. They are quite right. I have a mental block about money so I was relieved I didn't get it.

And even more so now because I just landed a database admin contract, much more my style. Yay! It starts on Monday so I can enjoy the rest of my week off and the rare winter sunshine we're getting--and start writing a story due in a couple of weeks.

I wish I could get as excited about the Farscape trailer as others. It looks amazing and the picture of Pilot and Crichton is just beautiful, but it's salt in a wound. It'll probably be years before we see it here--we haven't had season 4 yet. I feel lonely and envious.

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