Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Sand (409)

This is a lot better than Tanith Lee's other episode, Sarcophagus, but I still don't like it much.

Vila doesn't want to go to Virn, but he'd much prefer the danger to staying on the base by himself, adding to my impression of him as an extreme extrovert who hates being alone.

At least there's an excuse for Servalan being in this one since the crew are following her. The "girl next door" exchange was based on something similar said by Jacqueline Pearce and Steven Pacey when they lived on neighbouring houseboats and JP used to embarrass young SP by parading around naked on hers. :-) Cute, but it still doesn't make sense: if Tarrant lives next door, he can't move there. [Edit] OK, now I get it [is about 8 years slow] but it still doesn't make sense for Tarrant whose brother's death she engineered, unless the sand is infecting his mind with romance like it did with the computers.

Poor Vila, the Delta male, overcome with sand and self-pity. It seems Dayna and Soolin do care a bit despite their earlier assertion that his not wanting to die was unreasonable.

The sand doesn't seem very intelligent if it wants to keep only one male (and of course Avon is the alpha one) since the bigger the gene pool. the better. OK, running the Scorpio through atmosphere would only cause rain if the atmosphere was fairly saturated already, and that would imply a wet climate. But then the plot doesn't make that much sense anyway: why have a planet covered with predatory sand when there's nothing else living there?

There's too much soppy faffing about on Virn and not enough logic for my liking.

Tags: blake's 7 - episode reviews
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