Nico (vilakins) wrote,

LJ fixes

For those who are annoyed about the extra unwanted boxes on the comment screen which stop you going TAB and ENTER, if you have Firefox, there's a great little Greasemonkey script you can install

1) If you don't have Greasemonkey, you can add it like any other Firefox add-on here. You'll have to close and restart Firefox to activate it.

2) Then just install this script; no need to restart.

3) Speaking of add-ons, LJ hook is a brilliant one for formatting comments, though I don't like the HTML it produces for bold and italic; I still do those by hand.

I also have Dreamwidth invites if anyone is so annoyed they want one. :-)

Good night! And BTW it's the first day of spring here, yay!

Tags: lj
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