Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Local SF in more than one way

A couple of days ago I arranged to meet alicambs for lunch in Mission Bay, so of course it defied the inaccurate as ever weather forecast and rained all day. We mightn't have bothered meeting by the sea as we couldn't tell the grey water from the grey sky, or see across to any islands. :-( However we had a very nice lunch and an excellent conversation about SF and other things, and I'm sorry (for my sake) that Ali and her family will be living somewhere else.

Speaking of SF, I'm pissed off about our local series This is Not My Life. I was hoping for some interesting scenario like people on a generation ship being woken at intervals and living in an artificial environment, but no, they've gone for just what I wanted least (but was half expecting from the smugly preachy clues): the ruined planet scenario, our equivalent of the overpopulation or nuclear war obsessions of older SF. How unimaginative. And if Waimoana is meant to be the perfect community where people can have the chance of starting again and being better people without the burden of who they were before, it's not working, guys.

Probably only one person will even care about this, and discussion is welcome. I'll keep watching but If they start preaching, I'm turning right off.

Tags: nz, sf
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