Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet meme response # 8 - 30 Pieces of Silver

I didn't forget, kerravonsen, I was just very busy (not to mention stumped for ideas). However here's my response to your first challenge in the ficlet meme:

Character: Vila
Title: 30 Pieces of Silver
Dialogue: "To cut a long story short, I lost my mind."
Set just after 'Horizon'; 250 words.

30 Pieces of Silver

"Wouldn't want to go through that again," Vila said. "Not sure which was worse--the torture or having to--" he shuddered "--work."

"I suppose," said Avon, "you told them everything."

"That's right."

Everyone looked at Vila in disgust.

"I hope you got your thirty pieces of silver," Jenna said acidly.

"Not exactly. Look," he said, aggrieved, "give me some credit. I've been interrogated before and I've never given anything important away. I know what to do. Soon as I saw that rack, I started off with my first memories, the way I like my eggs, my favourite chess moves, the thoughts that rush through your mind when an alarm goes off, the last vidshow I saw... To cut a long story short, I lost my mind."

Cally frowned. "What do you mean, Vila?"

"People who've been adjusted go to pieces under questioning; it's a known fact. Never took on me, but they don't know that. The trick is to tell them everything and nothing--everything they didn't want to know and nothing they did." Vila grinned. "They ended up knowing all about me but they're no wiser about you lot or the Liberator."

"Well done, Vila," Blake said.

"Think nothing of it." Vila reached into his trouser pocket and put a handful of coins on the table. "Here you are, Avon. Nicked 'em off one of the mine supervisors. There aren't thirty and they're probably not silver, but you can have them. Consider it payment for coming back for us."
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