Nico (vilakins) wrote,

The joys of having cats

Jasmin just climbed into the open kitchen cupboard from on top of it (ignoring my "NOOOO!") and lost her balance and fell out dragging about half the stuff on the top shelf after her. Aaaugh. She broke a bottle of my hayfever "sniffy drug" but I have more than enough of that anyway. She was OK but she got a fright (and she wasn't the only one). I doubt she'll learn not to do it though.

I think she landed on her feet.

Sigh. Yesterday was one of those amazing clear sunny days you get now and then, but today's back to the crappy winter weather I just don't want to go out in. Just when I think winter could be bearable, it reminds me what a horrible season it is. Do not want.

The rain however is coming from the right direction today for the roof not to leak. This is good, but having a bucket out to catch leaks doesn't work that well anyway when a certain lion-coloured Burmese cat mentioned above knocks it over with several inches of rainwater in it, which happened a couple of weeks ago. :-P

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