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This is my favourite season 4 episode despite the crap science and the confused end. It's a return to the clever Vila that Nation created, the plot is fun, and everyone's dialogue sparkles.

First up, the science (which once again is based on crystals; this universe runs on 'em. However no matter how good those Feldon crystals are, they aren't going to create energy from nothing. They won't multiply the light of distant stars into the incredible amount of power needed to terraform icy planets unless they're sucking the energy out of another universe.

There are too many great lines for me to quote, but they're all on form. Vila is enthusiastic and bouncy about the chance of a heist (and I think he likes the challenge more than a huge profit he can't spend) and Avon's amused by this--yet still keeping his cards close to his chest, not bothering to tell his crew about Gerren till he is forced to. Nice way to get their loyalty and trust.

When Tarrant throws a guard into the pressure reduction plant, Vila jokes, "Nasty way to go, all that dust, very bad for the chest". He mentioned having a weak chest back "Project Avalon" so I suspect he does have a problem. Poor Vila.

Of course Servalan turns up again. [rolls eyes] The guys can't get away from her which leads me to suspect that 1) Tarrant was a mole--an unwitting programmed one planted on the Liberator--whose task was to find Blake and failing that, inform Servalan if the crew was up to anything that would threaten the Federation; it fits the facts well, or 2) that Avon had a tracker installed on Terminal. That's not so likely since she'd have mopped them up a while back. But really, she turns up far too often. In fact once in this season would have been too often; she should have died with the Liberator.

I wish Vila had removed more than one of Gambit's modules (circuit can't be right) as she would have been a nice companion for him and a very useful computer especially compared to that testy old curmudgeon Orac.

As for that scene where Vila shoots a guard, it seems so gratuitous--Vila even attracts his attention first--and out of character, I think he just stunned the guy. The body's not there later so I think he revived and left. I sort of imagine Soolin inducing Vila to learn to shoot people by starting off with a stun charge, which he can't even deliver without squeezing his eyes shut first.

I liked the games and how Soolin, Tarrant, and Vila were too good for them. After that the plot doesn't make sense. Drawing power from a black hole (which is must be a quasar to emit anything) makes the crystals themselves exert gravitational pull? Huh? Also Stratford Johns flubbed Belkov's last lines about locking his controls into black hole or the Orbiter when it was meant to be "Lock the Orbiter panels into Cygnus XL", and the scene showing his ship blowing up was deleted so we're left puzzled about Belkov's fate. And of course Vila didn't get any real crystals. This is probably a good thing considering season 4 Avon who doesn't say what he intends to do with them.

It's still a damned good ep, especially for season 4.

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