Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Day 19 - Deco-style vase

My three-day headache got worse today (I think it's sinuses) and when I got home with Jasmin, I went to sleep for the rest of the afternoon with her curled up on my lap. I still feel rather crap. So I needed something very simple for naarmamo, and this vase is, though it's hard to do highlights on white. I bought this for 10c from a garage sale because it looks Art Deco, but it's actually more modern than that, I assume. It's Japanese, stamped underneath with "JAPAN" and three kanji characters. It took less than five minutes which was all I was up for, but it gives an idea of its simple design.

Deco-style vase

My NaArMaMo 2010 Gallery is here.

And now I'm off to bed.

Tags: art making month 2010
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