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Assassin (407)

This is a lot better than the last few episodes (which is not at all difficult) and more fun too, except for Piri who is as annoying as Justin.

Ahhh, this ep has inspired a fair bit of fanfic, what with "My hero" and Avon being sold as a slave: the dream of many. Not that I'd buy him; it would be like adopting a Rottweiler of uncertain temper.

We also have Nebrox (and the mangan). When I watched this a few years back, I knew the assassin wasn't Cancer, but I suspected poor Nebrox at first because he seemed so very harmless. It's obvious that Servalan broadcast the repeating message to lure the crew into the trap, and Nebrox seemed a likely plant. I also like the explanation for the few buyers, although only one agent bids. Why was Servalan so keen on getting buying Avon though, when she had presumably paid a very large sum for have him assassinated? She could have paid for three assassinations and two acquisitions (since she seems to find a universe without Avon and Tarrant a regrettable one). Pity Dayna didn't manage to shoot Servalan, though at least there's a reason for her presence in this episode.

Vila's "I never was much for games" is rather out of character though. He enjoys them, plus I've always figured he cracks locks and security systems for the joy of the challenge. He certainly doesn't steal anything much in the series.

I was amused at Avon covering Tarrant and standing back while he got the worst of it, and Tarrant coming over all soft about the awful Piri. [sniggers at Tarrant insisting he's a free agent and doesn't do what Avon says] I like Soolin so much in this. She's sensible, logical, and I love her slapping Piri and her "Oh, terrific. If two men don't like each other that's a rational judgement. If it's two women what else could it be but jealousy?" Tarrant needs a good slap too.

Soolin works it all out and saves the day; yay for Soolin! I still don't know what Tarrant and Vila saw in the ghastly Piri. I know she was acting the role, but was she going for sweet and helpless, or so bloody annoying someone would lock her up somewhere so she could get out and hunt her prey. If the latter, it only worked on Soolin. I'd roll my eyes at Vila worrying about sweet little Piri, except that he hardly met her.

This isn't a favourite, but it's entertaining enough which is pretty good for an S4 ep.

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