Nico (vilakins) wrote,


I took a photo of Vic at the window yesterday (pity he wasn't doing that elongated sphinx thing along the sill) and also realised that I hadn't posted the one of him in a box.

The box was around for a few weeks and during the World Cup was referred to as a goal. Vic fills it so he'd make a good keeper.

The bite marks are from the girls who chew cardboard--and paper for that matter. This box survived a while with its flaps folded in. Those things on the floor in the background are cat toys; they're all over this room. :-P

Vic sits and looks at the closed Venetian blinds in the morning till I open them and raise them enough to for him (and the girls) to look out or sun themselves. Enjoy it, Vic. I won't be doing that in summer.

Tags: cats, photos, vic
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