Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Back On Course

I just realised I haven't posted my b7friday stories here for a while. This one was for the R&R challenge. About 600 words, set in season 2 straight after Voice from the Past.

Back On Course

Vila stared after Blake with his mouth open. "Star One? What d'you mean, Star One? We're meant to be going to Del 10, like you promised!"

"Vila has a point," said Jenna.

"I always considered him to be conspicuously lacking in one. However in this case you may be right." Avon strode after Blake. The others, looking very annoyed, followed.

Blake was on the flight deck, legs apart and chin up, the image of a rebel leader. "Zen? Set a course--"

"For Del 10." Jenna went to stand in front of Blake and folded her arms.


"You can't change an order I gave!"

"She was just correcting it." Avon went to stand beside Jenna and deliberately folded his arms too.

"What's this, Avon: mutiny?"

"If that's what it takes." Vila stood his ground truculently when Blake glared at him.

"You don't remember," said Jenna. "You don't have any idea what some of us have been through for you."

"Not to mention the lies you told some of us." Vila avoided Avon and Cally's accusing eyes. "Including that whopper about some time off," he added, hoping to distract them.

Blake looked over at his only fellow rebel, sitting quietly behind her console. "Cally?"

She looked up. "They are right, Blake. People under stress need rest."

"Or if you prefer," said Avon, "tools need preventive maintenance."

"I've never thought of you as tools!"

"Then prove it."

Vila leaned in towards Avon. "Logic won’t work on him," he muttered, and cleared his throat. "You know, they play all sorts of sports on Del 10, what with the vita particles and lower gravity and all that. Including rugby."

Blake, about to harangue Avon, paused with his finger in the air.

"And I believe there are plenty of pubs offering real ale to the players afterwards," Avon said smoothly.

"Think of it," said Vila. "Dirty great scrums, and all that mud and testosterone."

"You'll need more than that," Avon whispered to Vila. "I am thinking of it," he said aloud. "And I plan to be as far away as possible."

"It's the beach for me." Vila smiled blissfully. "Sun, sand, sea, drinks with little umbrellas, girls with legs all the way to their bums..."

"And well away from you."

Vila grinned. "You can't, not from both of us. You’d need a whole planet between you and two of us and--"

"Yes, I do have some grasp of geometry. I shall maximise my distance from you both."

"No matter where you end up?"

"It will be worth it."

"If I can get a word in--" Blake started.

"Horse riding for me," said Jenna. "It's been ages since I hunted."

"Hunted what?" Vila looked nervous.

She grinned at him. "What do you care? I won’t be anywhere near your beach."

"Now look," said Blake.

"What are you going to do, Avon and Cally? Separately, of course," Vila added quickly. "I mean, I didn't want to imply anything."

"Somewhere quiet and beautiful and meditative," said Cally, who had a martial arts retreat in mind.

"I already said. I shall be as far away from any of you as possible. That in itself will be rest enough."

Blake put his hands on his hips. "I am certainly not going to let you lot take off in all directions. We go to the same resort or none at all."

Avon and Vila nodded at each other, then looked blandly at Blake.

"I have found three that offer a wide variety of activities that should suit everyone," Cally said with a slight smile.

"If that is your last word, that I suppose we will have to accept it," said Avon sullenly.

"Good." Blake nodded curtly and strode off.

"You see?" Avon said to Vila. "You have to give him a small victory."

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