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Winter flowers and cats

I meant to post these photos a lot earlier than this earlier, but today was a bit fraught: I had to study, take Jasmin to the vet with a slight ear infection, and found that some bastard in a 4WD, going by the position of the dent, bashed his door into my passenger one. Greg thinks it was when he took my car to get Indian takeaways last week because a 4WD was parked by the car when he came out; we always avoid parking by those things. I only found out now because I put the cat carrier in that side. Sigh.

Yesterday was a beautiful cloudless winter day and I decided to take photos of the winter flowers in our garden because I noticed some new pink ones I hadn't seen before. As usual, the girls followed me everywhere I went. :-)

Flowers and cats

The white camellias are still in full flower.

The impatiens are alwasy in flower: white and pink.

The vireya is still doing OK on the lower deck despite me failing to repot it or give it any plant food. Poor thing.

A pink camellia I didn't know I had! This is because we had our many trees cut back last year to expose a lot of camellia bushes that hadn't seen the sun, and this one gets quite a lot of sun so it bloomed. The others, not so far. Just as I went to take this photo, Jasmin leaped up on the railing and batted the flower as if she knew. :-)

There are some beautiful big buds. It's a pity the bushes by the bottom fence haven't flowered as they might be yet other colours.

And now, cat time. I couldn't get one of Jasmin on the deck railings as she wouldn't stay still, but Ashley was sitting on the steps to the higher deck, watching me.

Nice one, Ashley! Now let me get another one.

What are you looking at with your tongue out like that? Is it a bird?

No, it's Jasmin on the railing! Batty bat bat fight fight!

Ashley and ferns. I love her backwards S-shape.

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