Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Jasmin and Ashley

Jasmin and Ashley have some strange little quirks. Jasmin likes to sleep on her back or all twisted, and Ashley stands on her own tail. It's very cute: she wraps her tail neatly around her, then deliberately lifts one paw then the other and places them on her tail. Her paws are cute in themselves, with dark fur between her toes as if she's been drawn, and the undersides are completely black.

Three photos

Ashley in the morning sun yesterday. If she hasn't got a paw on her tail there, it's pretty close.

Ashley sitting with paws apart so you can see the stripes between her toes. If I drew her, people would think I'd exaggerated them. :-)

Twisted little Jasmin. We reckon she must have been twisted in utero because she like sleeping in strange poses. Another is with her head turned right back along her back, like a duck.

I took some great photos today--one of those lovely cloudless winter days we don't get enough of--but I'll post those tomorrow. I need to draw a cat now.

Tags: ashley, cats, jasmin, photos
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