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Shiny new blue tech!

It was meant to be.

I've wanted a graphics tablet for a while and kerravonsen just got one. Lucky her, I thought, and decided that would be my big present this year. Then, just after that, I happened to see a cheapo one on the web site I've been maintaining for the last six weeks. I was tempted but no, I thought, people have recommended Wacom. I did a web search and found a supplier two blocks from here selling several models for prices I could afford. I vacillated between the silver 4x5" and the sapphire blue 6x8" Graphire3 and decided to go for the bigger one and arranged to pick it up tonight on my way home.

And then I found kerravonsen had bought the exact same model!

I feel that justifies giving in to my gadget-lust.

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