Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Camellias and a striped cat

Today is horrible: grey, wet, and with the rain clouds extending to the ground, the horizon is all strangely blurred like London in Sherlock. However it's been fine enough for me to get photos of my camellias which brighten up winter for me, with a bonus Ashley who does the same (along with Jasmin and Vic)

The white camellias have been out for about a month, but last week I noticed the first pink one was out and immediately took a photo.

I really like the look of it at this stage while it's still opening.

A lot of the white ones are past their best but there are still buds coming along.

I took this a couple of days ago of the same pink flower, now much more open. I love these flowers. They add colour to winter.

And as usual when I'm outside, the cats are around, following me everywhere with interest. Jasmin was too lively to catch in a good photo, but Ashley was kind enough to sit still and pose. :-)

Tags: ashley, cats, photos
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