Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Rangitoto oil painting

I went to another oil-painting class this week. It's a pity it wasn't in August or it could count for naarmamo which starts today. Oh well, all my August stuff will be with graphics software including experimenting with Artrage.

Rangitoto with pohutukawa tree

The photos I took at the class didn't come out very well, but I'll include a few small ones to show the order in which I did things, plus three close-ups of bits I especially liked.

First the rubbish ones I took at the class.

1. The clouds were done by wiping away part of the sky, then adding a little white and grey.
2. The rest of the sea and a wash for the sand
3. Texture and seaweed on the sand, and the tree is added.

1. Flowers complete the tree, but it's still lacking something.
2. Three yachts in the harbour are a big improvement.
3. And finally some waves. OK, done!

Close-up of waves. These were simple in theory but fiddly to get right: a darker streak of colour, then some white added above with a palette knife as foam. I also tried to give the sand some texture to give the impression of shells and seaweed.

Close-up of pohutukawa tree. Actually this was pretty easy. You just stab at the canvas with a scrubby brush in two shades of green, then add some branches with a thin brush, then have more stabs with red for the flowers.

Close-up of simple, dead-easy yachts. They don't look much good at this magnification, but they're fine when you stand back and they really completed the painting. They're just two strokes in white for sails, one lighter one for reflection, a streak of colour for the hulls, and a little slightly darker wake. Yeah, OK, I won't be selling art any time soon. :-)

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