Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Animals (405)

This episode is the only one I fast-forwarded the first time I watched it. I have therefore never seen it all and have no intention of changing that. The only interesting thing in it is poor Vila being bullied into cleaning the glycolene tanks and condescendingly offered a drink in consolation.

It was written for Cally--did they reject it for season 3?--but all they did was slot Dayna in instead without considering how young she must have been when Justin first knew her. Eew. And Justin is just repellent. It's not even in characters for Dayna to be upset about the treatment of animals; that's much more Cally. As for the rest with all the Sleer stuff, I was just too bored to watch it. I'd say this was the worst B7 ep ever but for dickhead Steed's sexist efforts. Since those had the occasional spark of humour, I'd say it was a four-way tie with "Voice from the Past" stumbling in fifth-to-last.

This ep would have been vastly improved with Og as the scientist and Justin as the experimental subject. In fact I even wrote a little-known story with them that way round.

Tags: blake's 7 - episode reviews
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