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Stardrive (404)

At least Servalan isn't in this one. Actually there are some good parts to this ep, like Vila's intelligence and knowledgeability, Dayna's improvising, and the complete lack of a tinkly bit at the end. I could have done without the Space Rats though.

"Training manual rule one: never play with asteroids." Vila does know quite a bit about ships, doesn't he, what with his knowledgeable remarks about Wanderer class ships in "Rescue". He suggested the asteroid manoeuvre too, but also knows it won't work with the spin their chosen asteroid has. Hmmm. He also knows just how to fix that hull breach though he's unwilling to do it himself. "I don't like to work in main drive chambers" certainly seems to imply he's had quite a bit of shipboard experience. I don't think he was lying in "Volcano" about turning down the chance to be a Space Captain, and think he changed that subject very quickly in case the crew expected more of him.

Poor lad, I imagine him at 14 being teased by tough and seriously intimidating Space Rat women. Awwww. [comes over all protective and amused at the same time] And of course he gets stuck at the top of a cliff. He really didn't want to go and that always mucks up the teleport for him.

"Space: as an attributive noun amuses me (the hallucinations of Space Fatigue, anyone?) and here we have space choppers, space rats, and space trade routes. Punk was quite new back then, wasn't it? Also, is time distort 12 that fast? It seems to be around standard by 8 or so, well within the Liberator's cruising speeds, and that was never too fast to be seen by pursuit ships. I'm not sure what "in real time" means as it has to be FTL (and I prefer to ignore time dilation) which doesn't make a lot of sense because the pilots couldn't have reacted fast enough to shoot at a static target.

Ah yes, this is the season 4 Avon I disliked so much as a kid and still do. He uses Dayna and Vila as bait (bait gets eaten, after all, and they almost were).

What did that thing Vila found do? Did they cut some scenes out? Vila really isn't good at lying, but Dayna shows an unexpected talent for it. Also, for people who like speed, the Space Rats possess some very slow wheels. Someone on an afternoon stroll could catch that Space Buggy.

And now we get to the end. I have no idea why Plaxton took so long to make that connection--did she guess the drive might be online?--but Avon's decision is a pragmatic and logical one. It's just the way he says "Who?" so coldly that gets to me. The crew must have realised right then that they were just as expendable.

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