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15 characters meme answers

These are the characters I chose with brief descriptions in case you don't know them:

  1. Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) - theoretical physicist and extreme nerd
  2. Fiona Glenanne (Burn Notice) - weapons and explosives expert
  3. Rodney McKay (Stargate Atlantis) - physicist and egotist with an allergy to citrus
  4. Dayna Mellanby (Blake's 7) - weapons and explosives expert
  5. Jarod (The Pretender) - genius who can pick up anything
  6. John Casey (Chuck) - taciturn CIA agent
  7. Vila Restal (Blake's 7) - galactic thief and nervous with it
  8. Abby Sciuto (NCIS) - genius goth geek
  9. Howard Wolowitz (Big Bang Theory) - space engineer sleazeball
  10. Emma Peel (The Avengers) - awesome, kick-arse, and elegant
  11. Hugo "Hurley" Reyes (Lost) - lovable dude
  12. Chuck Bartowski (Chuck) - computer expert and reluctant spy with a brain full of downloaded espionage info
  13. Ms Parker (The Pretender) - tough, mean, and cool
  14. Michael Westen (Burn Notice) - burned but brilliant spy
  15. Teal'c (Stargate SG-1) - even more taciturn Jaffa warrior
And here are my answers to the questions people gave me.

From entropy_house:

12 (Chuck) and 2 (Fiona) open up a business and find themselves in competition with 6 (Casey) and 7 (Vila). What's the business, and what tactics do each of them use as they try to corner the market/ appeal to the customers?

It had to be something to do with weaponry with Fiona and Casey involved. Chuck and Fiona are going the remote-controlled explosives route, Fiona handling the C4 with pleasure, and Chuck dong the computer work. Casey is impressed with Vila's knowledge of neutron blasters (if not Vila himself) and tells him they're working on asteroid-busters. In reality he and Fiona are both trying for government military and black ops sales, but Fiona gets the edge by adding some style to her bombs and remotes which come attractively packaged in designer sleeves and cases, pink being one option.

From van:

11 (Hurley) and 10 (Mrs Peel) are stuck in an elevator together. How do they pass the time?

"Sorry, but I think that was my fault. I saw the numbers flashing, I mean the numbers, dude, and just hit all the buttons on the board to stop them."
"I think they just meant that someone wants to get on at floor 4, 8, 15--"
"No! Don't say them! The numbers are bad!"
[Mrs Peel raises an ironic eyebrow]
"They are. Believe me. You don't want this building hit by a meteorite."
"Is that likely?"
"It is now."
"Then I shall just have to climb out the emergency hatch, call Missile Command, and get you rescue and a nice cup of tea. Give me a boost."
"Um, which floor did you want anyway?"

1 (Sheldon), 3 (Rodney), 5 (Jarod), and 9 (Howard) have to join forces and start a band together! Who plays what, and are they any good?

They are the geekiest band ever! And no, they're pretty crap. Sheldon plays keyboard because he finds the correspondence of exact frequency to note pressed satisfying, Rodney plays guitar horribly, Jarod can play any instrument he chooses perfectly (which doesn't help with this lot), and Howard chooses the sax because of its closeness to the word "sex". They only play in Sheldon's apartment because of a city ordinance taken out against them, and the only reason Jarod's even there is because he's doing a crash course in string theory for a Pretend and Sheldon made him join.

14 (Michael Westen) forms a league of super heroes made up of 7 (Vila), 8 (Abby), 13 (Ms Parker) and 15 (Teal'c). Their arch enemies are a combination of 2 (Fiona), 6 (Casey) and 12 (Chuck), led by 4 (Dayna). Where is the battle fought, which side wins--and why?

It's fought on-line with avatars with revealing costumes and impressive physical attributes (except for Casey and Teal'c who are magnificent enough as is). They're actually so evenly matched with at least one computer genius and two good fighters on each team that it's a close-run thing till Team A get Vila to steal Team B's passwords. Team A win free pizza for a month.

From executrix:

2 (Fiona) and 9 (Howard) have to defeat 4 (Dayna) with a James-Bond-like tactic of cheating at some high-stakes game. What do they pick, and what is the result?

Howard was hoping for laser-obstacle-course strip chess, but it was vingt-et-un at Monte Carlo. Fiona told Howard that Dayna had given him a very interested and suggestive look. Dayna was so disturbed by Howard's proximity, salivation, and come-on lines (e.g. "Big things come in small packages") that she lost.

(For whatever types of media are available in their universe): Favorite "book" "movie" and/or CD of 3 (Rodney), 7 (Vila), and 15 (Teal'c).

Rodney says it's Battlestar Galactica because its bleakness makes a Wraith-ridden galaxy look good, but actually it's a compilation of his speeches at various science conferences.
Vila loves Star Trek and basically any upbeat escapist fantasy.
Teal'c admits to a fondness for detectives series like Columbo and Monk.

From snowgrouse:

1 (Sheldon) and 7 (Vila) fall in love. Is this perfection, or a disaster in the making?

Depends on how you look at it. They seem horribly mismatched but Vila does seem to like cold, logical people, and Sheldon seems attracted to warm friendly people (within reason and under a stringent set of rules). Here's how they met, anyway.

"I assumed from your name that you would be female. The majority of names that end with 'a' are female."
"I thought the same about you! Thought you might be Shelley for short."
"Shelley? For short? My name is Sheldon which is hardly difficult to say, and both have two syllables, so how can one be short for the other?"
"Oh, all right. Avon doesn't like being called Ave either."
"Well. Since we are here, I have done research and the accepted protocol is to establish some interests in common. Do you like games?"
"Yes! Chess, space monopoly, pyramids, you name it."
"Three-dimensional chess?"
"Of course it's three dimensional! The pieces stick up from the board!"
"I mean the kind Kirk and Spock played."
"Oh, right! Why not? That'd be fun!"
"What do you think of string theory?"
"Um. That a piece is as long as it is? That some in your pocket is always useful?"
"I think that's all I need to know. Goodbye."
"I'll be getting back to the ship then. Dayna? Teleport."
"Wait! Teleport? And you live on a spaceship."
"Yeah, what of it?"
"Just that that trumps everything! Take me with you."
"Oh, all right. Put this on. Two to teleport."

3 (Rodney) and 4 (Dayna) go on a holiday. Where would they go and what would happen?

They both go to a science conference on the Big Bang theory, Dayna under the impression that it's about very large explosions. They do not get on well. Rodney is very sarcastic and Dayna spikes his drinks with lemon juice as revenge, his tongue swells up so that he can't give his speech, and Dayna draws a large audience for her practical scale demonstration of the Big Bang. She is awarded an honorary PhD and Rodney is monosyllabic with fury for a month.

14 (Michael Westen) and 5 (Jarod) and 11 (Hurley): The Road Movie.

A charming comedy-drama with espionage, angst, and heart. You will leave the cinema with misty eyes and a huge smile as Michael gets his job back, Jarod finds the family he has always wanted, and of course everyone will love Hurley.

From astrogirl2:

3 (Rodney) and 10 (Emma Peel) are arrested. What are they in for? Do they go quietly? And will 13 (Ms Parker) be willing to bail them out?

It's a frame-up by a bitter evil scientist once thwarted by Mrs Peel and outshone by Rodney. Of course Rodney didn't go quietly! Ms Parker is willing to bail Mrs Peel out because she admires her greatly (and seeks to emulate her), but decides to leave Rodney where he is. "And shut it or you'll be drinking lemonade."

From sallymn:

6 (Casey) and 14 (Michael Westen) have to work together to save the world from 9 (Howard). What do they have to do and how doomed are we?

The malfunctioning of Howard's Wolowitz Space Toilet on the Space Station has caused a severe breakdown in US/Russian relations, and several orbital weapons are aimed at LA where he lives, and Moscow in retaliation. Michael has to talk the astronauts through a clever kludge, then he and Casey have to break into Missile Command and disarm the weapons. We're not very doomed. They're good at what they do.

Bodyswap time - with 12 (Chuck) and 3 (Rodney). How do they react and what can 7 (Vila) do to make it better?

Rodney panics of course and babbles non-stop, but he's relieved that at least this time he's in a male body (and so, frankly, are we). Chuck finds himself in a slightly roomier brain with more space for the Intersect that was downloaded into his head and a chance to go to another galaxy for a while so he's not that worried. When Vila stops laughing, he gets hold of Avon and Orac to do an Ultraworld extract and swap.

The End of the World is Nigh... how do 1 (Sheldon), 3 (Rodney) and 11 (Hurley) spend their last 12 hours?

Rodney panics briefly, then starts working out how to stop the sun exploding (having once destroyed a solar system by accident, he has a little knowledge on the subject), and Sheldon helps with his string theory and analytical brain; they put aside their professional rivalry and work well together. Hurley tells them he has faith in them and goes down to the beach to chill out, dude. And he's right.

From kernezelda:

A super magic/genetically engineered infant is destined to Save the World (possibly from planet-cracking Evil Space Pirates or worldwide dominion by resurrected Genghis Khan), but has been kidnapped by Foes of Peace (or maybe a brainwashed Face of Bo). Will 2 (Fiona), 3 (Rodney) and 5 (Jarod) be able to handle the short-term rescue of said child, and which character(s) will be forced to endure its long-term raising and education?

It's no problem for that team, but once they have the kid, Fiona and Rodney aren't sticking around. Jarod however has a lot of understanding for a child with much the same background as himself, so he brings it up and does an excellent job too. He makes a great father and gives the kid a wonderful and much-loved childhood, like the one he never got.

From jaxomsride:

2 (Fiona) and 7 (Vila) are asked to baby sit offspring of 9 (Howard) and 11 (Hurley). How do they cope? Is there a house left?

I assume Howard and Hurley adopted. [boggles] There's isn't much of the house left after Fiona demonstrates A Child's First Explosions and Vila has rampaged all over the place playing Federation and Rebels with the kids armed with super-soakers. The kids want them both back next time so I'd say they were a success.

3 (Rodney) and 8 (Abby) have to rescue 4 (Dayna) from 15's (Teal'c's) "fate worse than death". Do they succeed? Would 4 (Dayna) have preferred that fate?

Teal'c would rather die than be enslaved by the Goa'uld again, and Dayna isn't keen on it either. Rodney and Abby make a pretty good and very geeky team and they do succeed. Abby is thrilled that aliens do in fact exist (though Rodney assured her that none of them made crop circles) and applies to join the Stargate program.

1 (Sheldon) and 6 (Casey) break into a bank. Can 10 (Emma Peel) apprehend them before they make their getaway?

Of course, because Emma Peel is awesome! She also discovers that they were not after money (Sheldon dividing his between a jar guarded by party snakes and his Green Lantern figure's hollow buttocks, and Casey putting patriotism over wealth) but an evil scientist's plans, and she joins forces with them.

OK, next time it's one question each! :-)
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