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Traitor (403)

This isn't a favourite, but then neither is this season. I'm not impressed with the noncon joke either, Robert Holmes. Haven't we had enough of that from Steed? It does give a good look at the Federation though; very imperialist "give 'em cold steel, they don't like it up 'em". /Dad's Army

And huh, I see I was wrong: the Pylene 50 doesn't stop the "natives" working; they're actually 19% more efficient. They must have really overdosed the ones we get to see in 'Warlord'. So it looks as if it's a good move from the Federation POV. :-(

I always want to give Vila a good slap in this ep; he just doesn't give up on the "let's run" or harping on about Tarrant being tortured. He's very specific about said tortures though, and I think he's been through that himself which might explain his attitude, along with being in a slow, unarmed ship. It's still very one-note. And what's all this distrust of Tarrant? It seems like a return to early S3.

Why did Tarrant and Dayna change their clothes down on Helotrix, Tarrant even seeking out a copy of one of Avon's old outfits (the Demented Dentist)? Dayna also mentions wishing she'd brought a nightdress. Did they spend a day or two down there on the town without calling in? No wonder Vila got a bit worried. They cleverly change back before teleporting to allay any suspicions of hanky panky in a nice Helot hotel.

Well, whoop-de-do. Servalan is still alive. [stabs her with a crystal knife] I didn't mind her too much in S3, but she seriously outstayed her welcome in S4. You'd also think she'd make some attempt at disguise, but no. She is one of the many reasons I really dislike this season, turning up so improbably often.

Also, using current tech (those clunky old screens) is never a good idea in science fiction.

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