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Well done, Spain!

YAY! Viva Espana! I'm very glad they won though I doubted they would for most of the game, they muffed so many attempts at goal. [dances] They're a lovely team who play a nice clean game, though this one wasn't. We will be having some of our chocolate World Cup tonight in celebration, though it seems a pity to break it.

Most of the game was very lack-lustre so I took pictures of the cats.

Two photos of unimpressed cats and a feline goalie

Jasmin on the sound system and Vic warming his bum on the Apple TV after being outside during the second half while we were hoping, like the commentator, that a football game might break out. That's a Linux penguin to the right of Jasmin.

Goalie Ashley! We have some ping-pong balls marked like soccer ones, and Ashley loves them. We could hear her whacking one round the TV room last night after we went to bed, and I had a lively game with her this morning after the match. She's on the heat pad here, and I put the ball beside her, but when I took the photo she had moved it to a much better position. There's a blanket draped behind and over her because she and Jasmin love being partially covered in this cold weather, so it's rather like a goal. :-)

[Edit] Iker Casillas got Golden Gloves as best goalie, David Villa got Silver Boot and Bronze Ball as striker and player, and the whole team got the Fair Play award. I'm very pleased with "my" team whom I've supported since they did so well in 2008.

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