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Matariki Kite Day

Yesterday as part of the Maori midwinter festival Matariki, there was a Kite Day held on Bastion Point which belongs to the local iwi (tribe), Ngāti Whātua. As it was a stunningly beautiful winter's day, we decided to go. There were some amazing and huge kites, all based on sea creatures.

We had to park partway up the hill and walk up.

This is what we saw as we got closer to the top.

This is what we could see looking back: the harbour glittering in the sun. That's North Head, the end of the Devonport peninsula.

Turning to the right, I could see the Savage Memorial (for the first Labour Prime Minister of NZ, Michael Joseph Savage) which has gardens and a great view out over the harbour.

A view of Devonport from further up the hill, showing Mt Victoria and North Head.

Stingray kite! It takes in air through a slit in its mouth and those gills underneath it.

Another stingray!? I'm not sure which sea creature this one is but it had a wonderful spiky tail which looked almost alive, the way it whipped about.

At the top of the hill is the iwi's marae (centre of Maori cultural and social life).

The marae was open for visitors and there were quite a few tourists and locals, especially while the breeze had dropped.

Waka under cover in the grounds.

They were running workshops in how to make traditional Maori flax kites, but there wasn't enough wind to fly them.

The breeze came up a bit so we went back to the kites. Paul the Octopus and a squid friend!

Beached turtle they were trying to get back in the air.

Kites with Maori decorations

The breeze picked up more as we left and there were some kites flying I hadn't seen before.

And this is why Auckland is the "City of Sails". Taken from the car as we drove down from where we parked.

It was a gorgeous day and not that cold in the sun, but wow, it was cold last night. It got down to 4C.

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