Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Winter in NZ

I posted these photos to show_me_a_world for this week's topic on the season, and thought I'd put them on my journal too as people may be interested.

It's winter here, ho hum. It's often dark, grey, wet, and unrelieved by any bright spots unlike northern winters. It's not helped by all our native trees being evergreen, but at least there are some flowers out in our garden.

I took all of these over three days (wet, misty, and sunny respectively) in our garden or from a window.

Wet lower deck.

Ferns reflected on wet railing

Rainy view from bedroom window

Misty morning, which turned into quite a sunny day

White camellias. These always bloom in June, and seeing them come out a week ago reminded me of my cat Claudia who died on the 18th last year, a beautiful sunny winter's day on which I saw the first camellia.

The tree beside that one has deep pink camellias which bloom later, and the buds are starting to show colour.

Vireya (tropical rhododendron). This is on the deck in a pot and badly needs repotting or planting in the garden. I am not a good gardener.

European tree and neighbour's house. My sister is lucky enough to have all European trees around her house in the country, so she gets lots of light in winter.

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