Nico (vilakins) wrote,

World Cup and Doctor Who

As usual all the World Cup games are on overnight, but we're getting up to watch the last one of each day which comes on at 6:30am here. We're about to be creamed by Slovakia--and they're the easiest in our group--but I'm not staying up another two hours for that. There's a very good highlight program which we're also watching each evening, and that'll do. Just getting there was amazing for us.

[uses her only vaguely soccer-related icon; sorry, Denmark]

I enjoyed the last Doctor Who ep, The Lodger, for the sheer fun including the Doctor scoring (a goal, of course). The plot about the stranded spaceship made no sense, and a lot of people died, but the Doctor living in a flat was great comedy, and Craig was lovely. And the Doctor speaks cat! I knew there had to be a cat when I saw the cat door. But bonus points for topical soccer. :-D

Tags: doctor who, world cup
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