Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Vic at the vet, and some Vic pics

Vic is at the vet having his teeth scaled and the lesion on his nose frozen off. They rang me to say that he was so stressed (as he always is there) his heart was racing, so I'm going to bring him home as soon as I can. We were going to leave him there because we thought it was be easier for him to have an Elizabethan collar and be locked in somewhere else, but I'm now sure he'd be a lot happier at home even if he can't go out.

Anyway, here are some photos I took of him recently.

Vic pics.

A ball of Vic, on one of the spare beds.

Vic at our bedroom window. We've started having the blinds up a bit so that the cats don't damage them trying to get through, and they enjoy the better view.

I took this last weekend. Vic loves newspapers (see icon), and as soon as Greg put this one on the cane table to read, Vic leapt onto it. He was in the same position as the cat ornament I put there, but moved slightly. Still, pretty close! You can see the lesion just above his pink nose.

Tags: cats, photos, vic
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