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Ultraworld (310)

Not one of my favourite episodes, but it's given rise to some interesting bodyswap stories and possibly a few "aliens made me do it" ones.

Tarrant and Avon mention the rapid expansion of "Servalan's empire" which puzzles me since the Federation was dealt a severe blow with the destruction of Star One and the war. I've always had the impression it suffered from lack of technical expertise and innovation; perhaps it just uses huge numbers of troops from conquered territories, like the Romans did.

Avon is still on his search for knowledge kick, and why not? It was what drove the Enterprise under Kirk, "seek out new life-forms" and all that. Servalan should have let sleeping geeks lie. So Avon embezzled five hundred million credits, not the five million Vila mentioned in "Space Fall?" It's more likely that Vila got it wrong, in which case Avon was a bigger threat to them than we might have at first thought.

Vila's jokes are the worst I've heard since primary school. This makes sense as he's starting Orac off with the humour of small children before working up to something more subtle. His "Where to space pilots leave their ships?" one is just wrong though. Quite apart from me expecting this to be "Through their airlocks" the first time I saw this ep, this universe just wouldn't have parking meters. Vila's "I've got Orac for company" when the others leave strikes me as sad: perhaps he's taken to spending time with an entity that doesn't tell him to shut up all the time. I'm glad the Core underestimated Vila (as did Cally, it seems). He's good enough to manoeuvre the Lib out of a confined space too, but what does he get? Just a "Vila, get to your place." I think that might refer to more than his console (which does what, BTW?).

Tarrant shows his honourable devil-may-care nature by wanting to hare off and rescue Cally, while Avon has second thoughts, possibly because of being burned by the whole sarcophagus thing. It seems odd though, what with his desire for knowledge and his seeming fondness for Cally. Avon's right though: Tarrant would never actually calculate a risk. :-) He's quite clever though in working out how the place works.

Why does Ultraworld gather information (or memories) about all known worlds and civilisations? Who uses this encyclopaedia? And they've encountered millions of species? Pity we didn't come across a few more. And how does the whole draining of the memory/personality thing work? It's not like you can suck it out and leave the brain empty. Who would come to the museum to see the Liberator exhibit? We're really not told enough here.

And of course there's the human bonding ceremony. I think Dayna rather liked the excuse but Tarrant wasn't up to it. ;-) Lucky for him that Dayna was armed to the teeth--or was the 'ceremony' actually performed off camera after all? I laughed at the Ultras wondering if the bang was the bonding ceremony. Only metaphorically, guys.

Costumes - it looks as if Avon nicked one of Tarrant's outfits, and Tarrant in self-defence found one of Blake's. Cally has the SF V-shoulders, Vila's in the old don't-notice-me brown suede, and Dayna's outfit is too dull and dark for her. Not a good lot.

I think this one's fairly average for season 3: entertaining enough, and intriguing if unexplored concept, and a hell of a lot better than Sarcophagus and the Ben Steed misogynist shit.

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