Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Lost party

This is what I'm taking to the Lost finale party tonight.

Two mangos (which I found today), two paw-paws, two vicious hunting (well, kitchen) knives, and two packets of Dharma chocolate cookies. There's a DI serial number under each one using combinations of The Numbers. I was going to have a go at piping logos onto digestive biscuits but I decided this was a lot easier. We can have them with coffee from the ridiculously expensive espresso machine Greg's company bought.

Here are some very inventive Lost-themed cakes though.

I considered photoshopping (or GIMPing) my name onto this Oceanic flight ticket but we don't have a colour printer.

I'm not looking forward to getting there and back. It will be dark and wet and I haven't been to the new offices before. I don't like driving in the dark anyway, but get nervous when it's wet and I can't see any road markings. But it will be fun once I'm there.

Tags: lost, tv
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