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Lost links

Dude. Only one sleep to go!

There are several other Lost fans at Greg's work, so he's organised a finale party in the boardroom there: big screen, comfy leather chairs, and pizzas. I'm bringing the episode, two large paw-paws (closest I could get to mangos, and they taste fairly alike), and a hunting knife. Well, one of my more scary-looking kitchen knives. Are any of you watching with others?

In the meantime, have some Lost links.

Lost's top 10 characters - a good list with an order I greatly approve of with some excellent comments about each character. They give the source at the end, but it's a lot easier to read on the LJ post.

An essay about being on Lost by Jorge Garcia (Hurley), published in Variety.

Lost stars on Star Trek - and some crossovery explanations. See a younger Terry O'Quinn as Admiral Pressman, Daniel Dae Kim as Gotana-Retz, an alien lost in time (who sings a little ditty about two minutes in), Alan Dale as Praetor Hiren, and others.

Lost bobbleheads and figurines (scroll down) - not that great a selection, and some odd choices in clothes and pairings. I mean, Kate and Ben? I'd consider the Locke and Hurley pair but dude, why is Hurley in his mental home gear?

Smokey gets his own spin-off comedy show - "Smokey's House": a heart-warming comedy at a California orphanage. I think he killed the camera person though.

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