Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Sarcophagus (309)

I don't like this episode though I know others do. It's more fantasy than SF and therefore doesn't fit with the rest of B7. Also? The opening scene is interminable and enough to make me give up right there. But yay for the fast-forward button.

I like Avon's conversation with Cally about keeping regret a small part of life. It's nicely in character for both and acknowledges a previous episode. I don't think Dayna's sudden musical talent is very her (she likes the old instruments?), though her uncalled-for nastiness to Vila is.

Tarrant and Avon's "pawing the ground" in their still-running contest to be alpha male made me laugh. OK, it was alien influence, but it certainly had something to work with. I like how Avon got Tarrant to rush off like the cavalry.

The teleport - it seems to work only on sentient beings, and I think it uses the nature or power of minds somehow. The alien prevents it working, and Cally mentally forces it to bring Avon and Vila back. It also explains all the teleport accidents Vila has, especially from now on: his unwilling to go messes up the landing coordinates, yet he's almost always OK coming back on board--except for that one time in S4 when the new teleport is untried. He only teleports when it's obvious it works. It's also a fairly unpleasant ride going by Vila's comment that it was smooth when they failed to leave.

Vila - twice the alien says that Via is very intelligent, and once that he hides it. Pity the others didn't listen. He's still the whipping boy later.

Avon - "You look so beautiful when you're angry." Oh, Avon. I expected better from you, but then you did take the chance to steal her ring.

A good ep for the Avon/Cally shippers, and there's lots of crew snarkiness, but all that mystical faffing about in coloured sheets just doesn't do it for me.

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