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Rumours of Death (308)

I'm tired but have to post tonight, so I don't know whether this episode, the ep that launched a thousand fanfics, is going to get its full due.

Of course it's a major Avon episode with all that torture, both physical and emotional, and the dialogue between Forres and Grenlee is wonderfully witty and very poignant on a rewatch because you know it Does Not End Well. I do like that the ordinary soldiers of the Federation aren't evil at all, but ordinary and in fact very likeable people doing their jobs.

But they stuff up yet another background story, just after thoroughly borking Cally's. That Anna Grant is the working alias of Sula Chesku I could swallow--but we already met her grieving rebel brother Del Grant. So who was she? Was she working under her real name, then after turning Avon in, adopted the alias of Sula? Why would she need to after the fact? To protect Del perhaps, or avoid the punishment due to deserters' families? Yet she promptly married a high councillor under a false name--but no, she said she was already married to him--and after doing so well as a top Federation agent, suddenly turns rebel. Or is she being a triple agent to draw out the rebels?

Bleh. B7 should have had a series bible.

I think Avon got Vila to help with setting up the cave because Vila's been through torture under people like Shrinker. Certainly, Vila seems to have conquered his fear of confined places to teleport in and out of a sealed cave well underground, and I'd say it was for some symbolic revenge of his own--and also sympathy for Avon. He certainly shows concern both times Avon arrives back worse for wear. They're friends at this point whether they'd admit it or not.

Cally comes over all annoyingly sanctimonious again; shades of when Gan was in the restraints. Even though Shrinker didn't torture Anna, he still absolutely deserved his fate and all the scorn the others poured on him.

I suppose Avon wanted a way out of his own at the end when he released Servalan. And yay, the last scene back on the Lib was rather bitter rather than revoltingly tinkly and unfunny.

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