Nico (vilakins) wrote,

A birthday and some cat photos

Ashley turned two in the weekend; at least 1st May is the day we chose for her official birthday.

Three photos taken on her birthday

Two girls in a snuggler.

I like the sidelong looks they're giving me.

Ashley gets a birthday lick.

Seven assorted others taken in the last few weeks

Jasmin looking uncharacteristically demure. She's sitting on a towel on the back of the couch near my computer desk, like Claudia used to. She likes towels, but she likes knitting even more, so I'm going to knit some nice headrest covers for her in a machine-washable acrylic.

Comin' at ya! I tried to take a cute photo of Ashley but she rushed at the camera. I thought it was funny and kept it.

Friends! Awww.

Plush lion and plush Jasmin on one of the spare beds. I've had these two big plushies for years; in fact I think they were the first I ever bought. Claudia used to bite them savagely and drag them about the floor though, so I put them away. I brought them out recently and Jasmin, at first unnerved by their size, loves them. I really should have done it earlier as Claudia stopped being so bitey after a couple of years.

Here's the other one, a tiger, with Vic on the other spare bed. I like the way the tiger is looking at Vic with surprise.

Ashley on the deck, trying to blend into the background. It didn't work. Just after I took this, Jasmin leaped on her from the right, and they charged crazily about the garden after each other.

A ball of Jasmin, taken today. The flash went off making her look a bit paler than usual.

Tags: ashley, cats, jasmin, photos, vic
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