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City at the Edge of the World (306)

Or as Greg always calls this episode, Vila Gets Laid. It's a Boucher one, but written because Michael Keating demanded an episode in which Vila wasn't stupid.

I hate the way Tarrant bullies Vila at the start. Making him go on a mission against his will is one thing as Vila will always try it on, but telling him that he's useless and can be dumped any time without the others caring is just cruel. And really, Tarrant knows very little about the people he dealt with and has no idea what he's sending Vila into. He's given strangers his word, which might be honourable, but very stupid.

Vila has just given up when he leaves; Cally says he is "so terrified he might just get himself killed because it's easier than going on". I'm not sure that's true, because I think he's been left without any hope and therefore reason to fear. He has little to live for at this point. He's a brilliant thief whose skills haven't been needed since Blake left, he's been removed from the neutron blaster position, and he really is a spare part.
However when Kerril is in trouble, he runs to her rescue regardless of the danger, and he's strong when she appears (and I think it is 'appears') to be weak and frightened, and is resourceful and clever at solving the puzzles. Vila needs to be needed, to matter. When he says to Kerril that a thief is what he is and that there wouldn't be anything for him on Homeworld, he's right. All his self-esteem is tied up in his skills, and Kerril, who has only seen him being the clever thief mightn't value what's left--just as the crew don't. And of course Vila chooses to go back when he finds the crystals because that might render him useful and wanted. He wouldn't exactly shine as a pioneer anyway, and Kerril's desire for a new start was stronger than her love for Vila: she decides to go with Norl, then asks Vila.

Ah yes, the sudden change from tough gunhand to pretty girl in a dress (and boots) who screams at cobwebs. It's totally out of character, but I can believe that she might put on the act to attract the first decent guy she's encountered for a long time (after all, she normally doesn't wash to keep the others well away). I once wrote a short fic about the sudden change here.
Which brings me to:

The Keezarni
They're a strange lot who don't seem to communicate in speech except for Norl, and I've written them as having something like a hive mind. They certainly have some form of telepathic communication, all knowing when the portal was open. I'd say that Kerril regretted being stuck in a new world with only those very alien people for not-very-good company.

He's totally OTT but fun! I like his resentment of Blake for being at the top of the wanted list when "I didn't take any political shortcuts".

He agrees that he despises Vila. Does he by now, or is it just that he's unwilling to admit to anything else to his rival? I'd be amused by his "But every silver lining has a cloud" if not for that earlier admission.

She's very concerned about Vila earlier on and is pleased to see him, but when he's back on board she seems very callous with her "Good. We can all get back to business then". Why didn't she try her telepathy on that woman?

Other stuff
It cracks me up that the scene cuts to a shot of one of the Liberator's pointy protuberances just after Kerril propositions Vila. Some have been amused that they're both lying demurely clothed afterwards, but they didn't expect to wake up: they'd composed themselves as corpses.
Where did Dayna hide that bomb?
I do like the science of force fields, that a very slow probe will penetrate and that air will bleed through one.
How did Tarrant know Bayban?

Aaaugh. They had to put a stupid tinkly bit at the end. Why? Why?

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