Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Yellow and red things

I commented on two posts and was given colours. It's taken so long because it was really hard to think of things I like since I wear neither colour. :-P

Comment and ask for a colour if you want one, then post listing 10 items you like in that colour.

linda_joyce gave me yellow, and vjezkova gave me red.

These are in the order I thought of them, not preference.

10 yellow things I like

  1. kowhai (see above)
  2. lemons; they add so much flavour to cooking or squeezed over fish
  3. butter on hot crumpets, toast, or potatoes
  4. sweetcorn on the cob, also with butter and a little salt
  5. Jasmin's golden eyes
  6. my glowy planet (striated Himalayan crystal salt with a light bulb inside)
  7. my yellow lucky cat
  8. yellow cars (so rare these days)
  9. yellow pencils (the essence of pencilness)
  10. buttercups
10 red things I like

  1. pohutukawa blossoms (see above)
  2. red roses
  3. sunsets (we get some great views from the top of the hill here)
  4. our espresso machine
  5. the camellias that bloom in the garden in winter
  6. red cars (also rare these days)
  7. red wine
  8. chillis (or chilis)
  9. my red Dalek despite a surfeit of them on TV
  10. Cally's outfit in Killer
Tags: meme
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