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TVTropes meme

A fun TVTropes meme: first have a go at guessing mine, then go to Better Than It Sounds and find some TV shows / books / whatever that you like. List 20 and let people guess.

I've recorded the name of the first person to guess in each case. And they're all now guessed!

These are all TV shows. Some are obvious, some not, some are current, others from waaaay back.

  1. A drama about life in Italy, as seen through the eyes of two soldiers. Rome, guessed by vocatis_fortis

  2. A group of people meet at a bar every night. Cheers, guessed by astrogirl2

  3. A military officer working for a foreign dictator hides in a small American town under a false identity with three subordinates posing as his relatives. 3rd Rock from the Sun, guessed by kindkit

  4. A mismatched gang of British builders, mostly from the North of England, bicker and get into scrapes on various international building sites. Auf Wiedershehen Pet, guessed by azdak

  5. A series about a really old man who spends his lifetime convincing young hot girls [and guys] to join him inside a phone box. Doctor Who, guessed by azdak

  6. A suspiciously wealthy waste management executive has panic attacks, recurring dreams, extramarital affairs and occasional bouts of violence. The Sopranos, guessed by astrogirl2

  7. A widower, a compulsive gambler and a neurotic with OCD join forces with a dog-murderer to solve mysteries. New Tricks, guessed by sallymn

  8. An embezzler, a simpleton and an alcoholic all live under one roof with their insane housekeeper, and they all live in fear of their boss's psychopathic rages. Father Ted, guessed by kindkit

  9. An immature slacker convinces the police that he has ESP. He and his reluctant best friend solve murders. Psych, guessed by azdak

  10. Bloke who dresses like a hobo and drives a banger follows rich celebrities, generally annoying them so much that they confess to crimes just to get rid of him. Columbo, guessed by azdak

  11. He's an ageing alcoholic frustrated academic singleton. He's a much younger family man from the north. Together they fight crime. Morse, guessed by azdak

  12. People stuck in a place where weird things happen and no one has any idea what's happening. Lost, guessed by azdak

  13. Rich, dishonest people are robbed in highly creative ways. Hustle, guessed by azdak

  14. Teen genius narrates the life of his severely screwed-up family through his own eyes. Malcolm in the Middle, guessed by azdak

  15. The adventures of a politician and his staff. West Wing, guessed by azdak

  16. The last human in existence drifts through space in a vast abandoned ship. It's a comedy. Red Dwarf, guessed by azdak

  17. The man in the grey flannel suit commits identity theft, votes for Nixon, and provides an object lesson in why the women's movement was a Good Thing. Mad Men, guessed by communicator

  18. The UN in space, with lizards and peacocks. Babylon 5, guessed by imhilien

  19. The weird life and misadventures of a drunk who owns a bookshop, his cloudcuckoolander assistant / punching bag and their best (and only) friend. Black Books, guessed by astrogirl2

  20. Three ex-military criminals and their insane friend help small businesses by harassing their competitors. The A-Team, guessed by imhilien
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