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It's ANZAC Day (complete with flyover), and we're recording Reach for the Skies as I type (about RAF air ace Douglas Bader, a great classic I saw on TV as a kid). There's a wonderful two-page pictorial spread on the Battle of Britain in yesterday's Herald which I'm keeping, and last night we watched Stalag 17.

Stalag an American film mentioned by muscadinegirl in a comment on a ficlet of mine in which Vila trained and raced rats. It was excellent; thanks for the rec! I agree that Sefton is quite Avon-like in his intelligence and rationality and deep affection for money--even in the currency of cigarettes--but sidekick Cookie didn't have Vila's wit. You can also see that Hogan's Heroes lifted whole chucks of this: the movable stove, the radio, even Schulz, the amusing German guard.

And now here's a very funny, clever, and surprisingly accurate* version of WW2 where the countries have Facebook accounts. :-D (Occasional swearing.)

* except for ignoring the participation of this part of the world

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