Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Cars and what they say

Ha! I was going to post about car colours anyway since I was out today and parked near a car dealer and noticed that there are no car colours any more. They're all shades of grey or silver. How incredibly boring, and dangerous too since they're basically road-coloured. Then I got an e-mail with a link to find out what my car style and colour says about me.

OK. My "two-door coupé for single women asserts girl power", and my silver means that "you are cool and elegant. The only problem is, as silver was the most popular car colour for several years, almost everyone owns one". Good point and observation. It was the one thing I disliked about my car but they don't come in red or yellow. I make up for it with a number-plate that says LIBR8R and the thought that it's yer basic spaceship colour, innit?

I snigger at Greg's result though. "A four-door sedan says practicality and caring" and "a dark green vehicle means that you are traditional, trusty and well balanced, but what it really means is that you are thrifty as who makes dark green cars any more? If you own one, it's probably been a while since you bought a new vehicle". Because this is all true. The old dunger is 15 years old, not that that's remarkable in this country.

They're wrong about SUV drivers though. They don't have a sense of adventure; the bloody things are mainly used as urban assault vehicles, not for roaming over uncharted territory or vast tracts of land.

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