Nico (vilakins) wrote,

The long dark teatime of the Daleks

I doubt anyone needs another Doctor Who post, but this is a fairly brief one.

The long dark teatime of the Daleks

I was looking forward to this as being a different riff on Daleks, but I was disappointed (and still heartily sick of Daleks). Ian McNiece was great as Churchill, and I loved the war room and the blimps and even the retro Daleks with their belts and cups of tea, but that was about it. I was disappointed. And the plot holes annoyed me. Why did Churchill even call the Doctor when there wasn't a crisis at that point? Why did Bracewell feeling emotions (and he already had when he was suicidal) turn off the bomb? How come none of the windows in London were blacked out as they would have been? How did Bracewell adapt the Spitfires in about an hour, and how did they, with their propellers move in space when they were enclosed in a bubble of air, and wouldn't they have used up said air very quickly with their internal combustion? Yeah, I know I'm nitpicky, but these things mightn't have mattered as much with a better story. I did like the Dalek serving tea, the poster, the fact that the Daleks were never known to the public back then (so this seems to be our intact timeline), and Amy not remembering Daleks. Does she remember other alien invasions? Who's been meddling in time--the Daleks or someone else? That bit's intriguing, but I was expecting a lot more, and Eleven to be more Eleveny. He felt more like Ten in a new body here.

Wow, Amy is tall. She towered over Churchill and Bracewell.

Next week we're back to Moffat again and that looks very good: stone angels and River Song.

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