Nico (vilakins) wrote,

New Who

Like many others I am delighted that we seem to have the old-style Doctor Who back, full of adventure and wonder and fun. Not that I've seen that much classic Who, but I remember watching Four and some of Five and thrilling to the title music.

The Eleventh Hour was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed The Beast Below too. I'm sure there was a deliberate homage to Star Wars in there: "Help us Doctor, you're our only hope", the rubbish chute, and being in a creature with lots of pointy teeth. Oh and Discworld at the end. :-)

I'm not sure how the entire populations of counties fitted into single buildings, but I suppose there weren't that many people still alive by the time they left Earth. Liz X rocked--boots, a pistol in each hand, what's not to like? I hope we run into her again, perhaps when they find a planet to settle on. Why did she speak with an RP accent on the tape, yet with Estuary in the present? Perhaps because she only remembered the last few years, or because she used the accent as a disguise? I also wondered when Amy made her recording, and why she needed to.

But um, Doctor, you not interfere? What was all that about? That aside, I do like this Doctor and Amy a lot.

I'd be saying, "not Daleks again", but WW2, Winston Churchill, and Spitfires In Space tip the prospect into awesome.

I made a few icons since I felt the need to have an Eleven and an Amy one. Here are the ones I didn't choose in the end if anyone wants one. I know the aunt one is a misquote but it fits better. Thanks to kerravonsen for the border brushes. :-)

Tags: doctor who, icons
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